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Puppy Contract


HetlandCreek Labrador Retrievers Puppy Contract


DEPOSIT:: I understand that my deposit of $______ to hold a puppy is non-refundable. The remaining balance of $______ is due on or before the puppy is 8 weeks of age. If balance is not paid in full by the time puppy is 8 weeks of age, I understand I forfeit my deposit and my chosen puppy will be offered as available to other potential homes. (All checks must clear my bank before pup is released) Initial______                             Two (2) YEAR GENETIC GUARANTEE: In the event that your dog is diagnosed with a genetic disease of the hips that is moderate or severe in its nature, we will refund you the original purchase price, or replace your puppy. To make a claim under this you must have radiographs taken by an accredited licensed veterinarian and submit your film(s) to OFA for a result of moderate or severe. The claim must be made before the puppy turns 26 months of age. All costs are the responsibility of the buyer and will not be reimbursed by the breeder.  The dog must not have been bred and must be in compliance with all parts of this sales agreement. A replacement puppy can take up to a year. Initial_________
Seventy Two (72) HOUR GUARANTEE: Puppy must be examined by a licensed DVM within 72 hours of purchase. If for any reason the puppy is found to be a poor health risk you may return your puppy for a full refund or replacement puppy if available. Please provide a statement from your DVM explaining the diagnosis. If a licensed DVM examination is not done within 72 hour, this contract becomes invalid. WE WILL NOT PAY VETRANARIAN CHARGES.  
General Health: OFA certification is not a guarantee against orthopedic problems; it is the buyer’s responsibility to provide proper diet and exercise appropriate for your dog’s age. Buyer agrees not to allow any activity’s that will cause stress to the puppy/dogs joints until twenty four (24) months of age. Buyer agrees to feed puppy a premium large breed puppy food until puppy reaches twelve (12) months of age and continue with a premium large breed adult dog food for the remainder of the dog’s life. Buyer agrees not to let puppy become over weight at any time until puppy reaches twenty four (24) months of age. At which time buyer agrees not to let dog become more than five (5) pounds overweight for remainder of the dog’s life. Buyer agrees to keep dog current on annual examinations and vaccinations with a licensed veterinarian. Any signs of neglect/abuse toward puppy voids contract. 
Spay/Neuter: All dogs/puppies sold are expected to be spayed or neutered by the age of eighteen (18) months but no sooner then twelve (12) months of age. All puppies/dogs come with limited registration (NO breeding rights) unless arrangements for breeding rights have been made in advance.
All dogs/puppies that are registered must be prefixed with the name HetlandCreek.
Open door Policy: In the event you can no longer keep your dog we should be notified. We may be able to help place your dog in a new home or you can return your Labrador to HetlandCreek and we will find a future home for him/her. No financial reimbursement will be given back to you. Initial_________
Accident/Illness: Accidents and other illness are not included in this guarantee. It is your responsibility to provide adequate fencing or runs, and properly vaccinate and care for your puppy.
The guarantees and refunds described above are your sole and exclusive remedy in the event of any problems with the puppy. Any and all rights and claims for damages of any sort, including consequential, punitive, and emotional distress damages are waived.
*This contract is issued ONLY to the original buyer and is non-transferable.
 *HetlandCreek Labrador Retrievers & Denise Hetland reserve the right to terminate this contract prior to transfer of said puppy, and refund any deposit.

Litter Sire_________________________________

 AKC Reg. #____________________________

Litter Dam_________________________________

 AKC Reg. # ___________________________

Litter #_____________________________ Color________ Sex_______ Date of Birth__________


Buyer Info;

Name________________________________ Phone______________ Deposit_____________
Address___________________________________________________ Balance____________
City & State___________________________________________________Zip_____________
e-mail address________________________________________________________________
Signature________________________________________________ Date________________

By signing this agreement the buyer understands and agrees to all of its content.  


Everyone placing a deposit/purchasing a puppy must sign this contract. If you are mailing in a deposit please contact us and will email you the contract with all appropriate information filled in. Then you will initial and sign all areas and return to us with your deposit.  

Always contact us before sending deposits.