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New Arrivals / Available Kids


2019 kids/new arrivals

Multiple wethers and does available. Website will be updated soon, please feel free to inquire


Doeling out of Deja X Mac

DOB May 26th 



Doeling out of Deja X Mac

DOB May 26th 


 Doeling out of Saros & Bear

DOB 4/10/2019


Doeling out of Cate X Z

DOB Apr 19th 



Both of these boys are available as wethers

Gold Born May 11 & Blk & Wht Born April 19th

Rose x Mac Doeling

Avail $500

Adults available

Thyme is a dry yearling. she is very nice and can be bred for an addition $100 

Rose is a 2 yr old 2nd freshener. she is avail currently in milk. $700

Can be bred for an additional $100

Dancer will be for sale as a yearling FF in Milk

 after kidding in Aug $500



 Hetlandcreek TT Dewplicated 7*M

Cate is a beautiful doe and is a hard cut for me.  $500

Saros is available as a brood Doe / Home milker.  She came back to my Farm last year and Had e coli based Mastitis. Though she still has great capacity, her udder is in way way show quality at this point. It is very uneven and lacking attachment. However, She has a wonderful genetic package and would make an excellent Brood doe. 



Pricing and sales policy

Prices range from $400-$500 for first fresheners. $500-$600 for second fresheners depending on LA scores and show wins. $650-$950 for mature does that are finished champions and/or have LA scores of 90 and above. If a doe has produces finished champions prices will be $1000 and up.  Price is determined by show record, Linear Appraisal score, conformation, and the buck the doe is bred to. No Buck kids will be offered from a first freshener without evaluation of it's dams udder. A $50.00 deposit is due within 7 days of placing a reservation and the balance due must be paid in full within 2 weeks (14 days) of the kid being born. Kid's will be available for pick up at 2 weeks of age if you choose to bottle feed (only if kid has taken to a bottle) and 8 weeks of age if waiting until kid is weaned. If you need a kid to stay beyond 8 weeks of age a $1.00 per day charge will apply (arrangements must be made in advance). If the deposit is not made within 7 days or payment not made in full within 14 days of reserved kids birth, the contract will be deemed void and kid offered for sale to new home. We guarantee that kid will be healthy and happy when it leaves our farm. Once it has left our farm we make no guarantees or warranties. Though we do our best to place only quality animals,  we make no warranties on how a goat or a mammary system will develop. 

If purchaser ever decides to sell their Hetlandcreek goat, Hetlandcreek request first right of refusal.

We offer a $50.00 discount for show, LA, DHIR or 4-h homes  (New for 2017 ***$100.00  off for homes that participate in all three, show/DHIA/LA programs) and $50 off for return customers. Sorry, we do not combine discounts.  We only sell our goats to homes that have other goats or to a home making a multiple purchase. Goats are herd animals and need a friend. Wethers are $85.00. They will be offered at half price if you need a friend for a doe you are purchasing from us. All kids that leave our farm will have two CD&T vaccines be dewormed and disbudded. 

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is needed to reserve any kid.


to contact us call 425-346-1816 or

email @ Hetlandcreek@msn.com